Automatic tyre changer CASC505

Montażownica automatyczna CASC-505

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Power of motor 0,75 [kW]
Power supply 400 [V]
Noise level 70 [dB]
Outside clamping 10” - 21” [cal]
Inside clamping 12” - 24” [cal]
Max rim width 14” [cal]
Max wheel diameter 41” [cal]
Bead-breaker force 2500 [kg]
Air pressure 8-10 [bar]

Automatic tyre changer CASC-505

About tyre changer:

The Tyre changer CASC-505 is designed for mounting and dismounting of tires from passenger cars, delivery trucks and motorbikes. Additional reinforcements and a hexagonal guide pin guarantee safe operation. The machine is characterized by a pneumatically controlled and lockable swivel main arm for quick and safe tire replacement.

This is a very important aspect of each vulcanizer, as it uses tire replacement solutions with minimal risk of damage to the rim. The construction of the device works in the most extreme conditions.

The CASC-505 is designed for wheels up to 24 inches (internal wheel rim), as opposed to the CASC-502, which has a smaller rim mounting range. In addition, this model has a four-jaw table, controlled by robust and reliable actuators. The machine is characterized by high quality control mechanisms for both electrical and pneumatic systems. 

This product doesn't have a support arm - there is a possibility of additional equipment:


  • Stable and solid construction
  • Versatile application - suitable for both passenger car and motorcycle tires (can be used stationary in the workshop but also as a mobile service)
  • Professional solution for professional workshops
  • Internal clamping of rims up to 24 inches
  • Easy and convenient foot pedal control
  • High quality pneumatic, electrical and mechanical components
  • Large hammer arm actuator
  • Massive table - controlled by two actuators
  • Protection against damage to the rim
  • Possible to change power from 400V to 230V

adapter for motorcycle wheels

Additional accessory

Optional multifunctional right help arm for the low profile tyres and run flats (CAM113/505).


What is the difference between an automatic and semi automatic machine?

The main difference is the construction of both machines. In the case of semiautomatic tyre changer, we have a swing arm hand side to side. With the automatic machine arm is pneumatically controlled and tilt back. The work area is larger, but also increases work comfort.

Does the tyre changer handle run flat tires?

The Tyre changer CASC-502 can handle this type of tire. However, we recommend using an auxiliary arm.


Inside clamping

Outside clamping


10-17 [cal]

12-21 [cal]


10-18 [cal]

12-22 [cal]


10-21 [cal]

12-24 [cal]

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