Automatic wheel balancer CASB96LPW

Wyważarka automatyczna CASB-96LPW

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External measuring arm

For measuring the wheel width

Plastic casing system START / STOP

Accelerates work on the machine


Increases work comfort

Adapter set

for a wide range of applications

Intuitive control panel

is easy to work

Static and dynamic balancing

allows you to eliminate any kind of unbalance


Power of motor 0,2kW
Power supply 230V
Balancing accuracy +/- 1g
Max wheel weight 60 kg
Balancing speed 200 rpm
Max rim diameter 24 cm
Max rim width 20 cm
Meansuring time ≤ 8s
Noise level ≤ 70 dB

Automatic wheel balancer CASB96LPW

Wheel balancer features:

• For passenger cars, vans and motorcycle
• Automatic distance and wheel diameter measuring
• Optional automatic width measuring
• Self-calibration and self diagnoses
• Innovative integrated LCD display
• Patented intuitional control panel
• Plastic safe-guard with the START/STOP system
• Intelligent Brake System showing point of placing the weight
• Static and dynamic balancing
• Feature of sharing and hiding the weight
• Six advanced ALU/ALU-S programs
• Digital readout of weight position
• Auxiliary brake which facilitates applications weight

• adapter for the wheel without a centering hole
• adapter for motorcycle wheels
• special cone for wheel with large centering hole


Version CAS96 LPW:
Includes LCD monitor, automatic width measuring and brake pedal

Version CAS96 LP:
Includes wheel balancer with LCD monitor and brake pedal

Version CAS96 L:
Includes wheel balancer with LCD monitor

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