Sales of products is not everything.

We do not remain passive towards our customers, so we offer a range of additional services such as professional advice, service support and training.

Consulting and sales

ikona Consulting and sales

Currently we’ve got over 30,000 products in our offer, so our customers have access to everything that is necessary, in order to professionally and comprehensively equipped garage and vulcanization. Invaluable assistance in completing the equipment is expert advice and competent service, so it’s a huge emphasis that our employees have appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge . We employ professionals and skilled workers, because we know how important thing in sale takes knowledge and experience.


ikona Trainings

We know that not every our client is a mechanic with twenty years of experience. Often our clients are people who apply for a government grant and subsidy, because they want to check out in a new professional reality. in such a situation it’s important to obtain adequate theoretical and practical knowledge, which is – especially at the beginning of a garage adventure – very helpful.

We meet these expectations, organising frequent trainings with both using machines and lifts, and their maintenance. Our trainings are dedicated to both: individual customers and companies that want to train appropriately their employees. Trainings ale lead by practitioners – fitters and servicemen, who everyday have to deal with technical issues and problems connected with start-up, montage and device support.

Installation and assembly

ikona Installation and assembly

We operate all over the domestic market. Not just locally. This means that we are able to provide both lift installation in Szczecin, Poznan or Krakow. We have our own technicians and fitters, but also use external companies which have the appropriate permissions. They are always right service technicians, who work with us for a long time. We are dependable and reliably. We value our clients’ time and we are focus on and professionalism.

Our products have a 12-month warranty (except compressors – 24-month warranty). During this period, we perform all repairs under warranty, which is included in each case with an instruction manual for the product. They can also be downloaded from the website – DOWNLOADS tab. We have spare parts in stock, that’s why each service is a real repair time, without time for parts from the manufacturer.

How much is the installation of the elevator?
It depends on many factors, so each time such a service is valued individually, taking into account all the components. We invite you to contact us by phone.

What should we remember?
Before you decide to buy a lift, make sure that you have met the requirements, necessary for installation in accordance with the product specifications. Check whether you are able to provide a suitable working environment for the machine.

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