Two post semi-automatic lift with centrally released mechanical safety lock QJY 4.0-D7

Półautomatyczny dwukolumnowy podnośnik samochodowy QJY4.0-D7

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Capacity 4000 [kg]
Power of motor 2,2 [KW]
Max. lifting height 1800 [mm]
Rise / drop time 50 / 25 [s]
Min. height of arm 100 [mm]
Range of arm lengths Front 690 - 1000 [mm], Back 790 mm -1185 [mm]
Width between columns (internal) 2650 [mm]
Width between columns (external) 3260 [mm]
Noise level ≤ 70 [dB]
Oil pressure 200 [bar]
Power supply 230 / 380 [V]
Width between carrages 2410 [mm]
Power unit electrohydraulic
Powder coating (RAL) 5002, 1018
Quantity of hydraulic oil 10 [L]
Quality of concrete B25
Thickness of concrete 300mm
Number of columns 2
Net / Gross weight 595 - 615 [kg]
Working temperature 5 /+40 [°C]
Lock system centrally released mechanical safety lock
Type of hydraulic oil 46
Type of lift two-post, semi-automatic, with bottom, centrally released
Height of lift (posts) 2822 [mm]
Package dimensions 2570 x 480 x 960 [mm]

Product description

Semi-automatic two-column CASTEX QJY4.0-D7 lift truck with a lifting capacity of 4000kg is designed for work with passenger and delivery vehicles, whose total weight does not exceed 4 tons. A unique feature of the QJY4.0-D7 is the centrally controlled manual lock. Standard manual lifts are equipped with locks released independently by pulling the safety lines on each of the columns, the centrally released manual lock used in the QJY4.0-D7 lift enables the release of the security system from the operator position without having to approach each column, this solution has a significant impact for the comfort of use of the device and allows for optimizing the operation of the lift. The stability of the lift and the lifted vehicle is ensured by the reinforced structure of the load-bearing elements.

The simplified design of the lift facilitates assembly and daily inspection of the device.

The universality of the CASTEX lift is guaranteed by the modernized design of the lifting arms, the lowered grip point allows work with low suspension cars, and the boost adapters are perfect for lifting off-road vehicles and delivery vans. The range of shoulder length allows working with vehicles with different spacing of support points significantly affecting the safety of use.

The assembly has been simplified by pre-installing most elements already at the production stage, and the lift includes a set of mounting anchors.

At the order stage, it is possible to change the power supply of the lift with a voltage of 400V for 230V.

Along with the lift, the customer receives complete documentation necessary for proper use and maintenance, allowing for reporting the lift from the Technical Inspection Authority.

Functional characteristics


- lifting capacity 4000kg,
- reduced subliminal grip point,
- set of increasing adapters,
- simplified service,
- stable reinforced structure,
- a centrally released blockade,
- 2 independent safety interlocks,
- simplified assembly,
- mounting anchors in the set,
- optional 230V power supply,
- CE certificate.

Frequently asked questions

How does a central manual security lock work?

The centrally controlled manual lock as indicated by its name enables the release of locks on both columns at the same time from the operator's position without requiring manual release of the blocks independently on each of the columns.

What are the requirements for flooring and installation?

A concrete floor type C20 / 25 (formerly class B25) with a minimum thickness of 300 mm and dimensions 1000mm x 4000mm and a 400V / 230V electrical connection are required for the installation of the lift. Detailed information and technical drawing can be found in the download / download section.

Which hydraulic oil should I use?

Use 10 liters of HV / HL 46 hydraulic oil.

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